About Me

I live in North London with my wife and 2 young children, but often miss breakfast with them as I’m hanging off cranes and tall buildings high over London.

My interest is in large-scale 360 and panoramic imagery, and within this, there are several areas I specialise in.

Panoramic photography

Since moving to London, I’ve been documenting the ever-changing London skyline, and have been lucky enough to travel in search of other cityscapes across the globe. I blend extremely high resolution images together to make canvases that can reproduce at large scales. The largest reproduction to date has been 72 metres wide (for Ericsson). London limited edition fine art prints are available, and you can read about the options here.

Interactive 360s

Since the early days of online 360 photography I have worked to create the highest quality 360s possible; and recently worked in California with Apple, the pioneers of 360 technology. I often work in the automotive sector as the 360 interactives allow viewers to explore car interiors in flawless detail.

360 VR

360 content in Virtual Reality (VR) headsets has recently become more accessible for companies and consumers alike. In addition to providing VR-enabled 360 content, my studio provides the programming for all interactive and VR interfaces.

360 video

360 video is allowing viewers to explore a location in full 360 with action and immersive sound. It has great power to surprise and delight viewers, especially when viewed within a headset or dome environment.

The distinctive quality of the 360s I create has led me to work with some incredible brands, including Apple, the British Royal Household, Jaguar, 10 Downing Street, Land Rover, the BBC, Mercedes, M&S and many more. Below is a small selection of some of the Clients I’ve worked with.