Mono Lake, California 360 Photography

Mono Lake California

Mono Lake Dawn

I shot this Mono Lake California 360 at dawn, before the heat of the day where the flies become bothersome and the smell starts to rise with the sun. At this early hour the lake is deserted and especially eerie. The water seems unnaturally calm. The light just tinges the limestone rock formations (known as tufa towers) with pink. To me, it’s the best time of the day to be here.

Mono lake was devastated in a 40 year period where Los Angeles Water and Power diverted water from the streams that led into the lake. This ruinous policy swiftly halved the volume of water and doubled the salinity of the lake. The brine shrimp population decreased, and with them the birdlife that fed on them. The Mono Lake Committee was formed in the late 70’s and evenutually succeeeded in protecting the lake. It has yet to return to its pre-drainage levels, but is gradually rising, thanks to the Commmittee’s efforts.

Mono Lake is unlike anywhere else on earth; strange and beautiful. It often loses out to its more glamorous neighbour, Yosemite, but it is well worth the trip to its shores.

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