Translight Photography - London from the Leadenhall - High Resolution Cityscape

Translight Photographer

Translight backgrounds shot to your specifications – in any resolution required.

Email for a translight estimate – [email protected] or call 020 360 30147

Impressive detail at any size

I shoot translights with a medium format digital camera, the optimum workflow for high resolution location photography. The advantages are:
– on-site backups and previews, so that nothing is left to chance
– rough renders can be created on location to preview the full scene
– equipment is fully calibrated from beginning to end
– outstanding low-light capabilities

Pixel-Perfect Day to Night Transitions

I ensure absolute mathematical precision with the capture, meaning that your day-to-night transition backdrops will be flawless. Lit from the front, your daytime image is perfectly sharp. Then, moving into night with the translight backdrop lit from the rear, your scenic backing transitions seamlessly through dusk into nighttime in perfect alignment.

Full dynamic range capture from shadow to highlights

I use a digital process that allows me to exposure blend (HDR) several exposures. Thus I can always ensure the full range of light from shadow to highlight. Traditionally film can capture 13 stops while the average digital camera captures around 14 stops and the IQ3 100 captures 15 stops. By combining more than one exposure we can capture as many stops as needed, giving an incredibly versatile file ready to work with in post.

Small, versatile and lightweight rig

The gear I use can be carried by one photographer, making it a low-impact set-up ideal for for awkward or unusual locations

Expert in rigging for unusual briefs

I’m accustomed to shooting in unusual locations and those that are hard to access. The situation that springs to mind is shooting the views from the Shard whilst under construction – from the crane at the top of the building. I custom-build rigs to deal with situations that fall outside the norm. Thus, clients get the results they need with the minimum of fuss. My rigs hold up to the scrutiny of landlords and insurers.

Translight Photographer

I have been stitching digital images to increase file size and capture wide panoramas since 1994. Back then, the Apple QuickTake had a resolution of 0.3MP or 640 x 480 pixels. However, stitching many frames together opened up the creative possibilities and made a fairly lame entry-level camera useful! Time has marched on and I’m now shooting with an IQ3 100 Medium Format Camera with a 100MP sensor. A single frame holds a whopping 11608 x 8708 pixels.

Location photography

When you work with a translight backdrop (or cyclorama), you have absolute control on the set’s ‘view’. Crucially, you’re not relying on a location over the longer term. You’re not held hostage to the weather or the lighting. Thus to take advantage of this controlled environment, you will want to ensure that the location photography is the best representation possible of the scene.

If you’d like to talk through your translight backdrop project, please get in touch or call me on 020 360 30147.

Translight photographer based in London – creating flawless translight (translite) backgrounds for film and TV backdrops.