Below is a selection of gigapixel photography, including cityscapes looking across the London skyline and other cities worldwide. These images are extremely high resolution and will print beautifully at very large scale. This is just a selection of the images, and similar views at a different time of day may be available.

The term gigapixel refers to images made up from a billion pixels, but has widened to incorporate all ultra hi-resolution images. Click on the thumbnails above to be taken to the image page. Once there, you can zoom into the gigapixel image to see the detail. They are best viewed on a large screen to get the full benefit of their size. They print to extremely large sizes and have been used in many different environments where beautifully sharp, hi-res large scale images can be used. For example, in airport terminals, such as a cityscape hoarding at London Gatwick, which was 32 metres (105 feet) wide. Some of Will’s panoramas have been displayed on Motion @ Waterloo. This is the UK’s largest indoor advertising screen at 40 metres wide (131 feet). Or at an exhibition, where Ericsson wanted a piece that would have massive stand-out and impact. They licenced one of Will’s cityscapes, creating the largest reproduction to date, at 72 metres (236 feet) wide – longer than 6 London buses lined up nose to tail.