360 Photography

With 360 photography, you, the viewer, can step inside an interactive image, viewing a full 360° around the scene. Will Pearson has captured a wide variety of interactive 360 images over the years – from city skylines to desert landscapes, from festivals to fashion, from architecture to alternative energy. They can be viewed on mobiles and tablets as well as desktops, on VR headsets (Virtual Reality) and in dome environments.

For more commercial examples, please visit his 360 photography company Eye Revolution (click here).

360 photography allows the viewer to explore completely around a scene. You’ll notice that Will’s 360s are captured in very high resolution. He aims for pin-sharp final images, thus offering you the sort of detail you’d notice if you were there in person. Because the resolution and quality is so high, you can really zoom in and see the detail. Whether that’s a closer view of a London skyscraper in the distance, or being able to see the detail in a Yosemite rock face. The examples above are just a small selection of the 360 tours in his portfolio.