London Begins - A London Sunrise Panorama

London Begins

A London Sunrise Panorama

A new day over London, and the sunrise washes over the city. The square mile is drenched in light, the enormous buildings momentarily insubstantial.

Usually, it’s the tall buildings that are the heroes of any cityscape. But here, the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court at the British Museum really proclaims its presence. Over 600m² of glass tops the largest covered square in Europe. The undulating curves perfectly catch the light of the London sunrise.

In this panorama, lit from behind, you’ll see the usual heroes – the Shard, 122 Leadenhall Street (the Cheesegrater), the Walkie Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street), Heron Tower (now the Salesforce Tower, and officially 110 Bishopsgate), Tower 42 and the inexorable rise of 22 Bishopsgate. The latter is due for completion in 2019, and will stand tallest in this cluster, second only to the Shard in London.

London 2018

Capturing the London skyline documents the city at a particular moment in history. The skyline is changing so rapidly, that the state of the buildings gives us the date, the moment. This was shot at the end of October 2018, with London poised, waiting for the outcome of the Brexit process.

Large-scale photography

This image will print perfectly to approximately 12 metres by 2 metres. You can zoom in to see the detail, or out to see more of the image.

London Sun Photography

There are more images of London in dramatic sunlight in my portfolio. Here are a couple to view:

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