Will Pearson, A London Photographer

Will Pearson is a London photographer, working solo and collaboratively with other creatives. He specialises in cityscape, architectural and landscape photography. If you have a project in mind, please send us your details in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The City Awaits - City of London Photography Gigapixel by Will Pearson

Will Pearson is a London photographer specialising in cityscapes and 360 photography. His gigapixel (ultra large-scale) images are commissioned for both commercial use and fine art prints. His 360 images are used by clients to articulate both spaces and epic views. Here you can find out a little more about Will’s London photography.

London Cityscapes

Will is well-known for his London skyline images. He creates images in both gigapixel (very high resolution images that print up BIG) and 360 formats. He frequently shoots cityscapes from tall buildings, such as The Shard, 30 St Mary Axe and many more. Shooting big images at height is challenging, as weather, wind speeds and the logistics are all a consideration. Will has many years of getting the very best from a shoot to ensure the final images are absolutely spot-on for the client’s brief.

London 360 Photography

Will’s long experience as a 360 London photographer has allowed him to capture London from some incredible locations. You can see many of these London 360s in his 360 Portfolio. These 360s, often captured from the top of some of London’s landmark buildings, allow the viewer to look around in all directions, and zoom in to see the detail. Here you can view one of his 360s captured from the summit of The Shard.

How are the gigapixel images used?

Large-scale exhibition graphics & poster supersites

Will’s London images have been used in a huge variety of applications. Their large-scale makes them ideally suited to places where clients need massive images. This has included uses such as large exhibition graphics or panels and outdoor billboards (supersites, spectaculars, landmarks and maxiscapes), you can see some examples of these below:

Office wallpapers

Will’s images have frequently been used for large scale office prints (wallpapers). One example was for the Chris Evans breakfast show on Virgin. The DJ wanted his guests to walk into the studio past a large-scale graphic of the epic London views from the News UK building. This example was over 13 metres wide by nearly 3 metres high. Many other office wallpapers have been commissioned at even bigger sizes.

Fine art prints from London photographer, Will Pearson

Some of Will Pearson’s London images are available as fine art prints. The superb image quality and resolution mean that they print beautifully clearly, even at large scale. Will’s artworks have been used in office environments as corporate art, and bought by private collectors. To find out more about fine art prints, please visit Will Pearson’s print site here.

If you’re looking to commission a London photographer, please do get in touch for a chat about your project.