Bishopsgate Rising

Bishopsgate Rising

Documenting the City of London’s skyline is a project I envision taking the rest of my life. The changes have built pace so much over the last decade. Shooting medium format allows me to capture beautifully sharp images, and see so much of the detail in the scene.

Nearing completion, 22 Bishopsgate (TwentyTwo) continues to rise, dominating the City of London’s cluster of skyscrapers. 22 Bishopsgate will top out at 278 metres and become the tallest building in the City of London. Only The Shard is taller, but that sits outside the Square Mile.

The skyline has already been altered signigicantly by the building. For so many years Tower 42 (183m), with its Natwest logo pinnacle, overlooked the rest of the cityscape. Now it has been overtaken by several others – 122 Leadenhall (The Cheesegrater, 225m), 110 Bishopsgate (Heron Tower, 202m plus a 28m mast), the Scalpel (192m) and will finally be dwarfed by 22 Bishopsgate (278m).

A host of additional buildings have been approved. 1 Undershaft (the Trellis) at 300m will eventually topple 22 Bishopsgate’s crown.

I love the view of the Lloyds building in this image. It’s not immediately apparent, but it’s so gloriously steampunk in the midst of the slick, modern towers. The Gherkin is another of the City’s older buildings that still holds its own, just behind the Lloyds Building. The Monument (62m) is at the right of the shot, with Canary Wharf just visible behind.

Click ‘Launch Project’ to view the image, then zoom in to get a closer look and see the detail in the buildings.