The City Awaits - City of London Photography Gigapixel by Will Pearson

The City Awaits

City of London Photography

This image was shot in December 2018, with the City of London in a period of unprecedented construction growth. The London skyline is changing daily. It’s a really exciting time to be photographing these iconic views.

In contrast, inside these buildings, the thought is all of Brexit. The UK is on the brink of decisions that will shape all our lives for decades to come. Truly, the City awaits.

For now though, the City of London is still the most powerful financial centre in Europe, and the new buildings rising each day is testament to that.

I shot ‘The City Awaits’ at dawn. In the midst of a grey and rainy week, waiting in the cold and darkness for the first light of dawn paid off with a clear sunrise. The glass of the buildings is just reflecting back the pink tints of the morning sun.

The Skyscrapers

The buildings in the shot are as follows. 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) with 70 St Mary Axe (‘The Can of Ham’) in front of it. Behind the Gherkin is The Scalpel, based on Lime Street. To the right is the now rather squat St Helen’s (previously the Aviva Tower), which at nearly 50 is due to be demolished. In its place will rise 1 Undershaft (Trellis Tower), which will be the tallest building in the City of London’s cluster of skyscrapers. Behind St Helen’s is the wedge-shaped Leadenhall Building (‘The Cheesegrater’). 22 Bishopsgate is nearing completion on the right of the image, with 100 Bishopsgate to the right. Just visible in the right hand side of the image is the Salesforce Tower (officially 110 Bishopsgate and previously Heron Tower).