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Doctor Who: Inside the Tardis in 360 Degrees

Today the 360 virtual tour of the Tardis which I shot for the BBC has gone live. The BBC have used the virtual tour to provide lots of exciting content to Doctor Who fans, including a short film giving users a tour of the Tardis, special messages from characters, Tardis facts, wallpaper downloads and conceptual art. The interactive images allow users to navigate around at leisure, feeling as if they’re inside the Tardis and zooming in on details that interest them. Hopefully this gives Doctor Who fans a really good chance to get up close and personal with the Tardis – something that’s not so achievable with a still image or even watching on screen.

As I mentioned on my last blog post, I’m a child of the 70’s and have been a Doctor Who fan since the days of Tom Baker and his (I thought then) very cool scarf. Getting the opportunity to shoot the Tardis was massively exciting, and I hope that the images give other fans a chance to get closer to the world’s most famous time machine.

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