Dubrovnik West Harbour

This 360 was captured from Dubrovnik’s West Pier and takes in West Harbour surrounding the pier, as well as Pile Harbour. Bokar Fort is the imposing curved-walled structure at the end of the Dubrovnik city walls.

Game of Thrones fans will find this location very familiar. West Harbour is, of course, Blackwater Bay. The pier is where Shae and Sansa meet Littlefinger in season 2. Pile Harbour doubles as King’s Landing Harbour, where Cersei bids Myrcella farewell on her way to Dorne. It is also where she fruitlessly awaits her return. Bokar Fort saw Lord Tyrion & Varys walking the walls of the fortress discussing how best to protect Kings Landing from an attack by Stannis Baratheon.

The doors in the rocks at West Harbour are where the gold cloaks were ordered to murder all of King Robert Baratheon’s bastard children, and where they accessed the city to do just that. High above the rocks is the 11th Century Fort Lovrigenac, also known as St. Lawrence Fortress.

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