Gatwick Airport 32 metre High Resolution Panorama

Large Scale Panorama at Gatwick Airport

If you’re heading off to sunnier destinations from Gatwick Airport right now, you might just notice one of my Shard images…

The image measures 32m (105′) long by about 5.4m (18′) tall. Viewers can really get lost in the detail as the resolution is so high, even at this scale. You can see the panorama in the International Departure Lounge in North Terminal (airside after security).

The panorama is on a hoarding dividing the airport during renovations as part of the £1 billion investment plan for Gatwick. KeyMT Solutions lovingly produced the piece on a Tension Fabric System. The image is made up of 10 frames, each frame a single piece of fabric.

Click here (opens in a new window) to view the original interactive image. You can use your mouse or the buttons to zoom in and see the detail.

Art for Airports

Art for airports needs to be at an impressively large scale, so that it carries impact for people right across the airport. Furthermore, it must also be sufficiently high resolution for those right next to it to see sharp detail. Thus, gigapixel images are ideal because they fulfill this brief perfectly.

Please do get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss large-scale panoramas for your space.