Yosemite Landscape Photography | Cooks Meadow, Yosemite

Yosemite Landscape Photography: Cook’s Meadow

Yosemite Landscape Photography

Cook’s Meadow offers views around some of Yosemite National Park’s most famous features. Scroll around the Cook’s Meadow 360 to see Yosemite Falls (one of the world’s tallest waterfalls), Half Dome, Sentinel Rock and Royal Arches.

Shooting in Yosemite

Depending on the project, I normally shoot alone, or just with an assistant. This shoot was a little different, with a lot of bodies on the ground – as well as my assistant and I, we also had an art director, producer, two park rangers, location scout & digital assistant with us. We had a chef to ensure the crew didn’t go hungry, and drivers to get everyone around in the various vehicles – including a 45 foot motorhome.

Yosemite is a sensitive location, and much of the park is restricted so as part of the permits process we had to recce with the rangers to agree the shoot positions in advance. The rangers were with us on the shoot itself too.

The shoot took place close to the solstice, coming up to high summer. It’s an incredibly busy time of year at Yosemite, and all the accommodation that could have held our crew was full. We had to drive in from Lee Vining, about an hour away. On the day of the shoot we were up before dawn to get in position early, before the hikers and climbers appeared. I shot this panorama as the sun rose, but hadn’t yet burnt away the mist.

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