Lake Tahoe 360 - HDRI 360 Backgrounds and Backplates

Lake Tahoe Twilight

Lake Tahoe 360 at Twilight

Lake Tahoe is famed for its skiing in winter and its beaches with crystal clear water in summer. This makes it an incredible location, but one in which it can be tricky to find an uninterrupted view. This is key when you’re shooting a 360. I got to this spot in the south much earlier in the day, and set up to wait for the sun to set. California’s sunsets are always remarkable; a riot of pinks, purples and oranges. As a photographer it’s like being given a gift every day.

It’s an unnerving process, the waiting. You can never be quite sure a pleasure boat won’t hove into view, or a crowd of people will appear and wander around the shot at the precise moment when the light is perfect. These can be ‘fixed’ in post-production, but finding that elusive moment of perfect calm in camera is always the goal. I was lucky with this shot, having a totally empty landscape at the moment when the light hit peak sunset.