Translight Photography - London from the Leadenhall - High Resolution Cityscape

London from The Leadenhall

London is so vast, and such a city of architectural extremes that each new vantage point on high gives a new perspective on the familiar. Even within the square mile, the skyline shifts and provides something new to fascinate.

When I first lived in London, Tower 42 was known as the Natwest Tower (the shapes at the top matching their logo when viewed from above) and had only recently lost its position as London’s tallest building. It feels a measure of London’s inexorable progress upwards and outwards that we are now looking down on Tower 42 from the Leadenhall Building.

More than 200 metres above the City of London, we’re looking directly at or down upon many iconic buildings and of course they proclaim their presence loudly. Ironically, the light on the roads in this image draws me in each time to two of the smaller buildings – the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England.