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Mossbrae Falls 360

Photographing California: Mossbrae Falls 360, Shasta Cascades

Mossbrae Falls is an incredible sight. A waterfall that cascades not just tall, but wide – about 175 feet wide (53 metres). It’s in Northern California, in the Shasta Cascades area, not far from Mt Shasta.

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This was a shot that demanded lots of light catching the water, so we aimed for the midday sun. We’d been on a series of shoots that called for daily sunrise and sunset calls. So this was a welcome relief from the 4am starts and late night finishes.

To get to the falls is tricky. We walked along the railroad track (picture ‘Stand By Me’ and you’ll be close) with the Sacramento River on one side, and woods on the other. This route is currently closed while the Union Pacific Railroad and the City of Dunsmuir work on a safer access route to the falls.

We walked nervously along the train tracks, listening for the distant rumble of a train that thankfully never came. Arriving at Mossbrae Falls however made the slightly edgy trek worthwhile.

One of the delights of Mossbrae is that you’re so close to the falls, you can swim right up to them.

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