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Olmstead Point 360

In this Olmstead Point 360 you can explore the incredible views across Tenaya Canyon to the north side of Half Dome. As you look towards Half Dome, on the left you will see the mountain known as ‘Clouds Rest’. Though the summer weather and glorious sunset didn’t offer any resting clouds on this occasion.

You arrive at Olmstead Point on the The Tioga Pass; California’s highest mountain pass. It’s a short season here. The Tioga Pass is shut through much of the year; often closing in November and being impassable until it’s ploughed in May. Sometimes this can be as early closing as October and as late opening as July. Having nearly been snowed in at Yosemite once, I appreciate how extreme the weather can be here.

In summer though, the greatest danger faced is the swarms of mosquitos – as soon as the sun went down I was bitten to pieces.

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