Planate London - London Bridge Quarter

Planate London – London Bridge Quarter

No.1 London Bridge (the building with the cut-out section right by the bridge) forms the foreground to the dramatic cluster at London Bridge Quarter, home to the Shard. It has become a more exciting section of the Thames to shoot, and the river moorings have a pleasing echo of the Shard’s shape. Many people’s experience of London Bridge is the ordered flurry of commuters crossing the river twice daily. That feverish march seems a long way from the agreeable stillness of this image.

From left to right, some buildings of note in this shot are Hay’s Galleria, City Hall, Cottons Centre, London Bridge Hospital, Hays Wharf, The Shard, The News Building (formerly The Place), 1 London Bridge, Glaziers Hall, Southwark Cathedral, Minerva House, Golden Hinde II, Pickfords Wharf.